Municipal governments are intrinsically involved in the everyday lives of the citizens they serve. They are the order of government closest to the people, guiding and overseeing the issues, programs, and services their citizens rely on. Municipalities have a unique understanding of the their local environment, economy, and citizens’ needs. It is essential that municipal governments are recognized as a respected order of government and, as such, they are afforded an opportunity to participate in real consultation.

What are the goals of the SUPPORT CANADIAN ENERGY campaign?

The SUPPORT CANADIAN ENERGY campaign is a respectful and positive effort to enhance pan-Canadian municipal collaboration to support responsible resource development.

The energy industry is key to the future of Canadian municipalities. Perspectives on the energy industry have created a divide in Canadians and as municipal leaders, we need to understand our differences so we can come together to support a responsible energy industry. The Canadian municipal voice is more powerful when we come together.  Through education and respectful discussions, we believe that municipal leaders will come to understand how our Canadian energy industry provides their communities with:

  • Economic Growth
    • Canada’s energy industry represents almost 1 million jobs and 11% of our GDP.
    • There are companies in every province paying municipal taxes and wages with revenues earned from Canada’s energy industry.
      • For example, in 2017 there were about 42,600 people employed in Ontario, 22,000 in British Columbia, about 28,000 in Quebec, and many more in other provinces and territories directly involved in the energy sector. It is truly a national industry, employing people and supporting communities across Canada.
    • We need to support energy projects that grow our economy.
  • Money
    • Many provinces have programs with municipalities that share tax revenue from the energy industry.
    • We need to ensure all municipalities receive a share of provincial revenues from the energy industry.
  • A Greener Future
    • We need to ensure investment in renewable energy initiatives continues.  

What can we expect of the SUPPORT CANADIAN ENERGY campaign?

The SUPPORT CANADIAN ENERGY campaign will have activities at the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) Conference to promote respectful dialogue regarding the municipal perspective on the energy industry.  We will continue our activities over time, taking advantage of opportunities to bring together Canada’s municipal, provincial, and federal leaders to further their understanding of the positive role of our nation’s energy industry.

How can I get involved or stay updated about the SUPPORT CANADIAN ENERGY campaign?


Here is a list of things you can do if wish to be a part of our activities at the FCM Conference:

  1. Visit the SUPPORT CANADIAN ENERGY trade show booth and pick-up your SUPPORT CANADIAN ENERGY t-shirt, a Let’s Talk Energy button and more information about the campaign.
  2. Wear your Let’s Talk Energy button and hand out the SUPPORT CANADIAN ENERGY message cards throughout the conference.
  3. Initiate respectful and open conversations with your municipal colleagues and explore their concerns about Canada’s energy sector.
  4. Host or attend a meeting during the conference in our special room at the Hilton Quebec.
  5. Attend the sessions where panelists will be speaking about the importance of energy to Canada’s municipalities:
    • FCM Rural Town Hall: Driving Tomorrow’s Growth on Friday, May 31
    • Sunday morning workshop: Powering Canada through energy development on Sunday, June 2
  6. Wear your SUPPORT CANADIAN ENERGY t-shirt at the the Powering Canada through energy development workshop on Sunday, Jun 2.
  7. Sign-up for update e-mails.
  8. Follow us on Twitter and retweet our posts.


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